Abacus CBD (outdoor, 20.81%)


Abacus is a wonderfully unique, and largely purple hemp that was bred in the early 2000s from Purple Urkle, OG, and Trump – the first two of which happen to be marijuana strains. However, Abacus is very low THC and embodies a heavy set of indica effects. It’s quite impressive for an evening of rest and relaxation followed by a night a restful sleep. Tension and stress don’t stand a chance against this marvelously funky cultivar. It smells of funky grapes with ever-so-slight notes of minty fruit. The flowers of this exotically medicinal strain are worthy of thorough appreciation.

Dominance: indica
Nose: grape, funk, mint, fruit
Total cannabinoids: 20.81%
CBD: 18.38%
CBG: 1.76%
d9-THC: <LOQ

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