Alpen Gleaux (indoor)


Alpen Gleaux is a deep purple hemp autoflower cultivar. It is completely one-of-a-kind in appearance, cannabinoid profile, and terpene expression. Cultivated in living soil under LED lighting, Alpen Gleaux contains only 0.31% total THC and emits an aroma that we can describe only as kush cologne with strawberry undertones, and some phenotypes emit a gassy aroma when the buds are pinched or grinded down.  The majority of the terpenes are locked within the nugs, one strong pinch is sure to release a pungent whiff. Overall buds are large, dense, and as purple as they come. Expect strong relaxation of both body & mind. This flower is 100% sensimilla. This is a small batch and we don’t expect it to last long at all.


Dominance: indica-dominant ruderalis
Nose:  kush cologne, strawberry
Total cannabinoids: 9.63%
CBD: 8.59%
CBG: 0.25%
CBC: 0.39%
d9-THC: 0.17%

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