Bubba 59 (indoor)


While the genetic history of Bubba 59 is a bit mysterious, it is related to pre’ 98 Bubba Kush & E1, and is similar in many ways, ranging from morphology to terpene profiles, and more. Flowers are light green & purple, frosty, and smell of sharp, musky & floral kush. Reminiscent of Bubba Kush descendants, Bubba 59 is unmistakably anxiolytic and physically soothing, with rich flavor. Bubba 59 is a heavy hitter that is perfect as a nightcap or as a relaxing session at any time of day. This flower is sensimilla. While almost all inputs used to cultivate this flower are organic, there were a few synthetic fertilizers used in its production.*

Edit 2/23: please note, this product is on clearance for the reason that it is no longer at peak freshness, however it is still perfectly viable. This product description was written based on the flower in it’s freshest form.

Cultivation setting: indoor x mostly* organic coco
Effect: heavy
Aroma: musk, kush, floral
Total cannabinoids: 12.27%
CBD: 11.19%
CBG: 0.12%
CBC: 0.50%
d9-THC: 0.07%

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