Bubba Funk (indoor)

Bubba Funk, an E1 phenotype, is absolutely exquisite hemp by every metric – this is what small batch, craft cannabis is all about. Cultivated organically indoors in living soil using no-till & KNF farming practices, the flowers taste as swell as they look and feel. This cut flaunts a very high density of trichomes and tastes like pure, unadulterated, quintessential kush funk. In the energy department, she is closer to the heavy side of the spectrum (as opposed to heady). Enjoy Bubba Funk any time of day you’re in search of a mental breather. She touts very high and diverse profile of cannabinoids such as forms of CBD, CBG, CBC, CBDV, and just the right, yet compliant level of THC, which surely contribute to the collective experience. Bubba Kush phenotypes are not normally known to express cannabinoid content and diversity to this extent, we blame it on the living soil food web.

Cultivation setting: indoor x organic living soil
indica-dominant hybrid
Nose:  kush, funk
Total cannabinoids: 23.11%
CBD: 20.43%
CBG: 0.89%
CBC: 1.00%
d9-THC: 0.04%

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