Bubba Funk


Despite expressing differently under sunlight versus LED light, Bubba Funk (E1 phenotype) is the same popular clone we have also grown indoors. Her flowers are dense and frosty, and her smoke’s flavor is rich of that beloved classical Bubba Kush funk, with an aroma to match. The outdoor version of this clone is more subtle in aroma than her indoor counterpart, emerging more as the flowers are ground or pinched. The effects are profoundly relaxing, and can lend to a mentally clear, but pleasant body high with overall cessation of general mental and physical discomfort. This flower is best enjoyed when winding down after a long day, but lovers of heavy cannabis will enjoy her any time of the day. Between Bubba Funk & Bubba Sour, our primary E1 phenotypes, choose Bubba Funk if you’re looking for a heavier kush. This flower is sensimilla (seedless) and was cultivated organically and harvested outdoors in Fall 2021.

Cultivation setting: outdoor x organic native soil
Effect: heavy
indica-dominant hybrid
Aroma: kush, funk
Total cannabinoids: 16.06%
CBD: 14.46%
CBG: 0.18%
CBC: 0.73%
d9-THC: 0.13%

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