Chocolate Drip (indoor)


Chocolate Drip (Legendary OG ‘chocolate chip cookie’ x Legendary OG ‘super sticky’) smells like a mix somewhere between lemon poppy seed bread and chocolate chips – closer to a candied lemon than a fresh lemon. In truth, both parents were pheno hunted from bagseed – while we believe the ‘chocolate chip cookie’ pheno is inbred Legendary OG, it’s quite possible that the ‘super sticky’ phenotype’s father is not Legendary OG. The effects are heavy, but not quite a knockout. The CBD:THC ratio is an astounding 71:1, meaning this strain is a very clear-headed smoke. Chocolate Drip is best enjoyed at any and all times of the day. This flower is sensimilla and was cultivated organically from seed, meaning flower traits are variable across the batch.

Cultivation setting: indoor x organic living soil
Effect: heavy-hybrid
indica-dominant hybrid
Aroma: candied lemon, sour cream, chocolate
Total cannabinoids: 13.24%
CBD: 12.55%
CBG: 0.06%
CBC: 0.46%
THCa: 0.18%
d9-THC: <LOQ

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