Double Lime (2020)


This 25% marked down clearance product is budget tier Fall 2020 outdoor flower. Please set your expectations based on the price and understand these flowers do not represent our indoor or Fall 2021 crops. The product has been stored, sealed and is still perfectly viable, however it is not as fresh, aromatic, flavorful, or as vibrant in color as our indoor or Fall 2021 outdoor crops. These flowers best suit those with cost-restrictive budgets. Please set your expectations the same for all strains labeled ‘(2020)’ in name.

Double Lime (Limeade x Sour Blueberry Kush) is the progeny of some heavy hitters coming in at a whopping 3.28% total terpenes & 23.99% cannabinoids. The aroma is quite pungent of floral & sweet lime. Effects are perfectly balanced, making Double Lime suitable for any time of day. Like all cultivars of this line, CBC & CBG are pleasant in stellar quantities. These cannabinoids work together to create an effect greater than the sum of each of their individual contributions.  On average, Double Lime contains varying amounts of seeds. This flower is seeded and was cultivated organically and harvested outdoors in Fall 2020. This flower has been marked down 25% – it is has been stored in sealed containers and is still perfectly viable.

Cultivation setting: outdoor x organic native soil
Nose: lime, floral, sweet
Total cannabinoids: 23.99%
CBD:  20.90%
CBG: 0.78%
CBC: 1.55%
d9-THC: <LOQ

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