Floatz (indoor)


Floatz (Bubba 129 x Lemon Octane 13), grown from clone, has the aroma of fresh root beer, with all of it’s creamy, kushy goodness. Floatz is a heavy toke, she’ll put you on a kush cloud. This strain is optimally consumed in the evening when you’re trying to wind down. This flower is sensimilla. While almost all inputs used to cultivate this flower are organic, there were a few synthetic fertilizers used in its production.*

Edit: please note, this product is currently on clearance for the reason that it is no longer at peak freshness, however it is still perfectly viable. This product description was written based on the flower in it’s freshest form. As a result, this flower is 25% price reduced.

Cultivation setting: indoor x mostly* organic coco
Effect: heavy
Aroma: root beer, cream, kush
Total cannabinoids: 19.56%
CBD: 16.90%
CBG: 0.61%
CBC: 0.11%
d9-THC: 0.15%

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