Full Spectrum CBD Cartridge


At Beleafer, we are extraordinarily passionate about clean inputs for mind and body; good in, good out. We are adamant that nature’s way is better than man’s way, which is why we developed this CO2 extract of multiple cultivars of organically cultivated hemp flowers to allow for a non-combustion driven experience as a means to consume the hemp plant’s  wide array of cannabinoids and terpenes in their natural ratios. We don’t use low quality ingredients like distillate or plant derived terpenes, 100% of the mass in each cartridge is extracted from hemp flowers. Contained within each 1000mg cart is 777mg  (77.7%) of total cannabinoids with 739mg (73.9%) of CBD and 28mg total terpenes (2.8%). Each cartridge is particularly high in terpenes such as limonene, pinene, and myrcene, yielding an overall uplifting experience. We recommend using the 510 thread compatible units on medium voltage to ensure the longest life of each cartridge. Enjoy all of the test and the effects with none of the combustion or sketchy solvents. Quality inputs yield quality experiences.


Please note: to ensure the longevity of the mechanical components of the cartridge, please operate cartridge on low to medium voltage and do not ignite beyond 3s intervals to avoid coil failure.

Ingredients: CO2 extract of hemp flower


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Weight 50 g