Legendary OG (2021)


This year’s outdoor Legendary OG is back & louder than ever, offering new aromas relative to past iterations of this line. This flower stinks up the entire room when the container opens. Bizarrely, we can’t decide if is smells more like milk chocolate ice cream or an herbaceous au jus – your nose is bound to pick out one or the other! The flavor is a delicious slice of fruity pebbles and OG, similar to past years. The buds are large & dense. This strain isn’t going to knock you down, but it’s definitely going to slow your roll. Expect a cessation of what you were just thinking about, that’s gone now. Looking forward, it’s only up from here. Smoke this one with some friends, you’re sure to have yourselves a pleasant and relaxing time. If you are lucky enough to find a seed in this batch… keep it & grow it!

This product is available in bulk, please contact us directly via the Contact page to inquire.

Cultivation setting: outdoor x organic native soil
Effect: heavy-hybrid
indica-dominant hybrid
Aroma: au jus, milk chocolate, ice cream, OG
Total cannabinoids: 14.46%
CBD: 13.30%
CBG: 0.66%
d9-THC: <LOQ

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