Lemon Octane (indoor)


Lemon Octane (Bubba Kush x White CBG) is a remarkable genetic that boasts an extraordinarily loud aroma profile of lemon, kush, and gasoline with effects that are equally potent and powerful. Expect to feel instantaneous physical and mental relief that’ll have you floating on a cloud. If you’re a kush & lemon-lover, this is it – this is the one.  Within this strain, flowers vary from from bright green to bright purple – all with supreme bag appeal and heavy frost.  We genuinely believe that you’ll be pressed to find a more enjoyable smoke in 2022. It smokes as good as it looks, as good as it smells, as good as it tastes. This flower is sensimilla. While almost all inputs used to cultivate this flower are organic, there were a few synthetic fertilizers used in its production.*

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Cultivation setting: indoor x mostly* organic coco
Effect: heavy
Aroma: lemon, gas, kush
Total cannabinoids: 16.03%
CBD: 14.14%
CBG: 0.48%
CBC: 0.82%
d9-THC: 0.07%

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