MAC & Cheese (indoor)


MAC & Cheese (Legendary OG x Banana MAC) is the closest type 3 phenotype of this cross to the MAC1 grandparent. Oddly enough, her flowers range from green with purple hues, to full blown purple. The terpenes are that of gassy banana, with rotten cheese undertones, which is derived from the MAC1 grandparent. To date, she’s the highest testing in terms of cannaboid content for any type 3 phenotype of any strain that we’ve grown, at approximately 31% total cannabinoids, and almost 29% CBD. The effects are balanced and hybrid-like, not too stimulating, not too sedating, somewhere right in the middle, making MAC & Cheese a proper smoke for any time or situation. This flower is sensimilla and was cultivated organically from clone, meaning the flower traits are consistent across the batch, aside from some variation in color.

Cultivation setting: indoor x organic living soil
Effect: hybrid
 indica-dominant hybrid
Aroma: rotten cheese, gas, banana
Total cannabinoids: 30.97%
CBD: 28.79%
CBG: 0.37%
CBC: 0.86%

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