Mystery Kush (indoor)


This marked down clearance product is budget tier indoor flower. Please set your expectations based on the price and understand these flowers do not represent our top tier of indoor or outdoor flowers – their qualities are as unique from one another as their prices. These flowers best suit those with cost-restrictive budgets. Please set your expectations this same way for every product on clearance, their price is their quality.

Mystery Kush came about from a few seeds found within a batch of Bubba Funk, but the pollen donor is unknown. The flowers are quite dense and bring about an aroma of pure funk when ground up, similar to that of Bubba Funk, but with a touch of pine. Her flowers were cultivated organically indoors in living soil beds under LED lighting. At full maturity, this strains boasts a 40:1 CBD:THC ratio and contains just 0.25% total THC. The flavor is rich and of classical Bubba Kush. The effects are quite mellow and quickly ease the mind and extremities without necessarily inducing sleepiness. While we will never know who the pollen donor was, Mystery Kush is sure to induce pleasant, serene sensations akin to other kush crosses. The pollen donor could have been Bubba Funk, Bubba Sour, Space Force, Magic Bullet, Cannatonic, or a few others. Although this strain has frosty and dense flowers, it’s aroma is subtle until ground up, and has been price reduced accordingly. The price is proportional to the quality, this is budget tier indoor flower.

Cultivation setting: indoor x organic living soil
Effect: hybrid
indica-dominant hybrid
Aroma: funk, kush, pine
Total cannabinoids: 12.37%
CBD: 11.23%
CBG: 0.32%
CBC: 0.53%
d9-THC: 0.25%

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