OZ Kush #11 (indoor)


OZ Kush #11 is a hybrid between Bubba Kush E1 and Matterhorn CBG. The aroma is a mix of sour kush & hops, with notes of gas when ground up. With a smothered covering of bright white trichomes, these interestingly-shaped, yet perfectly dense flowers are a great smoke for any time of day – a true hybrid in both effects and ancestral lineage. This flower has the outward appearance of a CBG strain, with all of the kick and flavor of kush. This flower is sensimilla.

Edit: please note, this product is currently on clearance for the reason that it is no longer at peak freshness, however it is still perfectly viable. This product description was written based on the flower in it’s freshest form. As a result, this flower is 50% price reduced.

Cultivation setting: indoor x organic living soil
Effect: hybrid
Aroma: hops, sour, kush, gas,
Total cannabinoids: 12.15%
CBD: 11.25%
CBG: 0.15%
CBC: 0.34%
d9-THC: <LOQ%

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