OZ Kush (indoor)


OZ Kush is an incredibly unique and diverse strain due to its derivation from two very different parents – Matterhorn / Mad Dog CBG (tall & lanky) & Bubba Kush E1 (short & stout).  The flowers range from classic Sour Diesel-reminiscent gassy funk, to floral, to citrus. Our favorite plants were OZ Kush #11 and #3 – these two especially and others are quite dense and trichome-smothered. Morphologically, OZ Kush is what some would describe as “sativa” with it’s giant frame, but this one is actually a more mellow smoke, drawing it’s best features from it’s E1 parental lineage. Each plant offers unique bud structure and terpene profiles, so expect a diversity in flowers from this seed run. We will be running our best clones moving forward individually, so future batches will be much more homogenous. There will be also be one more seed run with a new set of plants in parallel with OZK #11 and #3. Each order from this batch will contain a mix of everything. This flower is sensimilla.

Cultivation setting: indoor x organic living soil
Effect: heavy-hybrid
Aroma: gas, citrus, floral, funk
Total cannabinoids: 12.15%
CBD: 11.25%
CBG: 0.15%
CBC: 0.34%
d9-THC: <LOQ%

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