Pineapple Sugar Cookies (indoor)


Pineapple Sugar Cookies (Legendary OG x Sour Pineapple) expresses many different phenotypes, with terpene profiles ranging from pineapple flavored pudding, to earthy pineapple. This strain consists of massive plants who produce a very high ratio of CBD:THC. The effects are particularly cerebral, making Pineapple Sugar Cookies suitable for reading a book or getting lost in your flow state. This flower is sensimilla and was cultivated organically from seed, meaning flower traits are variable across the batch

Cultivation setting: indoor x organic living soil
Effect: heady-hybrid
Aroma: pineapple, chocolate, earth
Total cannabinoids: 19.63%
CBD: 18.59%
CBG: 0.21%
CBC: 0.54%
THCa: 0.29%
d9-THC: <LOQ

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