Pink Panther (indoor)


Pink Panther is derived from Cat’s Meow x Alpen Gleaux. This F1 cross boasts an otherworldly and pungent nose of none other than cotton candy & honeysuckle, along with a rich flavor, color, and overall bag appeal to match. Due to the low THC, low cannabinoid nature of Alpen Gleaux, the resulting F1 cross that is Pink Panther contains very low THC levels. Despite this, effects are still certainly pronounced and we feel align particularly with the mother, Cat’s Meow. Consumers can expect to be mellowed into a pleasant sense of well-being, but certainly not put to sleep.

Cultivation setting: indoor x organic living soil
Effect: hybrid
indica-dominant hybrid x ruderalis
Aroma: cotton candy, honeysuckle
Total cannabinoids: 14.84%
CBD: 13.37%
CBG: 0.35%
CBC: 0.59%
d9-THC: 0.08%

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