Suver Haze CBD (24.34%)


Suver Haze is an ultra-high CBD strain with sativa dominance. Weighing in at 3.69% terpenes, the nose on this one is a powerful rendering of hops, cinnamon, orange, and pine – it stinks quite beautifully! At a whopping 23.1% CBD & 24.3% total cannabinoids, Suver Haze’s headspace leaves on feeling energized and relaxed all at once. When judged based on bag appeal, nose, and effects, this batch of Suver Haze demands an A+.

Dominance: sativa-dominant hybrid
Nose: hops, cinnamon, orange & pine
Total cannabinoids: 24.34%
CBD: 23.14%
CBC: 0.05%
d9-THC: 0.06%

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