Fruit Sourz THCV (greenhouse)


Fruit Sourz THCV is a visually and aromatically mild-mannered, but is remarkable in that she contains approximately 8% THCV, which profoundly compliments the 11.4% THCa (<0.3% d9-THC). The THCV genes were introduced to the gene pool via an unknown landrace African sativa. As with all true sativas, these flowers are not round and plump like you may be used to, they’re usually thinner and oddly shaped. If you’re looking for something bright and flashy, you won’t find it here. Just like with CBG, this strain lacks resin, which can make it feel a bit dry and brittle. Aesthetically, this cross is unremarkable. Where it shines is in the effects – If you’re looking for a super heady true genetic sativa with classic sativa effects, that’s what you’ll find here. The super cerebral effects are a divine mix of serenity and energy. We highly recommend this strain’s potent effects for a creative boost or for physical activity. The terpene profile is a mild aroma of sour fruit – this could be the building block of some great future THCV crosses.  The THC:THCV ratio is approximately 1.4:1. This flower was cultivated organically.

Note: this flower contain seeds. Seeding is not a homogenous phenomenon, some flowers have no seeds, others have numerous seeds. We account for the weight of the seeds by sending extra flower. To the right grower interested in elevated ancillary cannabinoids, particularly THCV, these seeds are extremely valuable.

Cultivation setting: greenhouse x organic native soil
Effect: heady
Aroma: sour fruit
Total cannabinoids: 20.98%
CBG: 1.14%
THCV: 8.43%
THCa: 11.40%
d9-THC: <LOQ

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