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 66 reviews
by cavsgt on Beleafer
Great Kush

This indoor Bubba Kush is surprisingly good. 5/5 Smell,Looks, Feel (dense), taste and Great effect!

by Dominic on Beleafer
1st order, Legendary OG (outdoor)

Well what can i say Beleafer, You guys n gals obviously know what you are doing over there! Postage took 8 days to reach me in the UK and what i recieved was the best CBD flower i have tried to date. The cure was perfect, nice medium to large buds, a mellow kushy aroma that gets more pronounced when broken down and some stickiness from the trichomes if you break it apart by hand. Effects were a lovely mix of calm and relaxation, definitely an all day strain for me. Overall i am very pleased with what i recieved and the service provided by the team at BELEAFER thank you for everything you are doing over the pond to keep us all supplied with high quality herb!
P.S cant wait for my 2nd order, Remedy (outdoor) tracking looks like its only a few days away 🙂

by Matt Bennett on Beleafer
The best out there!

Delivered within 3 weeks to UK despite ordering over christmas. Absolutely superb products. I ordered a few different strains and was most excited by the bubba kush (which was great) however, I was blown away by the Legendary OG which was by far the strongest for me followed by the Sour Blueberry Kush (suprised me how good this strain was). All round great product, can't wait to order more in the next few weeks!

by ExtraNiceCloud on Beleafer
Outstanding Service - 11/10

Have made three orders with Beleafer so far - I would rate the overall experience as 11 out of 10 if I could

The description of both the CBD dominant flowers I have tried were exactly the quality as described, this honesty as well as sale at a very reasonable price to match is something I have not found with any other business offering similar

The orders are easy to complete, shipping is consistent to UK and tracked
Customer enquires are responded to quickly

The quality of the outdoor flowers are the only I can leave review on:
The quality for price per weight is excellent. They do contain some seeds but this did not affect the quality

Blueberry Sour tried recently is very sticky and the smell and overall terpene content is clearly as high as claimed. Beleafer advertises this strain as untrimmed but in my eyes at least this is already well manicured
This strain is already well cured and has just the right amount moisture

Would highly recommend this service, thank-you Beleafer 👏🏻

by Rj on Beleafer

Ok, so I ordered the 4 strain 28g hemp flower sampler, and I was initially going to wait until I've tried each one until reviewing, but I'm just too excited. I got Bubba's Remedy, Purple Emperor, Sour Blueberry Kush and Tangerine #1.

First of all, delivery was prompt and discreet. I ordered to the UK on the 29th December and it arrived today (2nd Jan) considering the busy festive period, I'm impressed.

The flower itself is beautiful. This is better quality than anything I've had here and that includes high THC strains too. And at this price it's a no brainer, you have got yourselves a repeat customer for sure. I'm using this medicinally for severe anxiety, panic attacks and Insomnia. Discovering CBD, and CBD flowers in particular has been life changing for me, and has changed my relationship with weed in general for the better. Cbd flower in the UK is heinously overpriced, dry and nasty. Sampling some of the Purple Emperor just now (vaporised in a magic flight launch box) feels like stepping from a rusty old banger into a Rolls Royce. The smell and taste is amazing, and the effects I'd describe as a potent anxiolytic and muscle relaxant. With none of the awful side effects I've experienced from the myriad of drugs my gp has thrown at me over the years. Much love, Beleafer 🙏

by LincolnSmoker on Beleafer
Incredible quality & service

Purchased 1g of 5 different strains for my dad to vape as he has cancer, this is not only to help with him symptoms but to also help his mood, aches and pains. The quality of the buds were incredible! Great aroma, dense nugs, lovely smooth smoke. My dad rang me after dropping it with him saying how amazing he felt after vaping, aches and pains gone and felt very relaxed and chilled!
I’ve been so happy with the service that I have just placed another order, this time with much more quantity as I would like to use these products to cut down and stop smoking THC cannabis. Cannot recommend enough!

Thanks Beleafer

by Dan on Beleafer
Much appreciation


You all hit it out of the park. Seriously. Not only was the customer service great, but the product was top shelf. Your honest descriptions on the site, being open about which flower had seeds and which ones didn't (which even with the seeds the Sour Blueberry Kush was some of the best CBD flower I've had), and the humane prices are just three of the many reasons I'll be trusting you with my CBD needs.

I co-host two podcasts, so being focused and on point is important. Being able to do long periods of editing is important. And also I need to be focused and positive. Your products are enhancing my ability to tackle these things and get a great night's sleep.

For my comedy podcast The Nostalgia Test Podcast, my cohost and I have to be on point, funny, and upbeat. I'm looking forward to putting some of the strains I bought to that test.

Thank you. Thank you for the integrity you put into your product. Thank you for caring about your customers. I'll definitely be buying more products from you in the future.

by Bruno John on Beleafer
Best CBD flower

Good product and great value for money. Will definitely try other strains to discover my most favourite strain. Great job guys keep up the good work.

by Mark on Beleafer
Happy customer

Switched to CBD a few months ago and haven't looked back since. Found beleafer through a youtuber and thought I'd give it a try. I've had a truly great experience, from the awesome products, prices , to the service and delivery. Highly recommended.

by Jack D on Beleafer
My new CBD Home

I’ve tried a lot of different farms; this is the best. I’ll try new stuff maybe once in a while but I’m glad I found my go-to place. Love the variety and the effort that goes into the crop.

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