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 174 reviews
 by Conor
Legendary Banana mac #11

LBM#11 is a nice smooth smoke. Look forward to trying some other strains.

 by James Long
The best I have found.

I have tried so many different brands of flower I've lost track. 9 times out of 10 you end up with some dry nasty smoking crap. Beleafer is light years ahead of all the others. Can't imagine ever buying from anyone but Beleafer from now on. Treat yourself right.

 by dominic

This is by far the best cbd I’ve had. LBM #11 is something else.
I was a bit apprehensive to try this as I’ve heard it’s a strong strain but i was overcome with intense bliss, all the Strains I’ve had from the uk are tame compared this this.
Kept this one as I’m a life long customer,

 by dj

omg taste great and effects are amazing
thank you! only buying from here from now on

 by RR

The only strain I haven't tried is grape tape. This is definitely some of the best I've tried!

 by S
What a drop!

Wow, first time customer here and I'm extremely satisfied with both product and service! You can really feel the care and attention that's gone into the growing. 🙏

I went with a broad selection from the latest drop (August) - not a single disappointment, all stellar varieties!👌

 by Mitch

Best drop yet. With every drop that happens, they keep getting better and better. Highly recommend to those reading the reviews. Terpe profiles are great. Top shelf, premium cultivated flower.

 by Brody

I love the flower the banana mac type 2 is awesome great effects i will be buying again

 by Enlightened_Beast

I just recently received my order of four strains. Thus far, I have only tried only three of of them, Flow Cookies, Legendary OG, and Cali Cake CBDV, but let me tell you — they all blew me away. I knew the Flow Cookies could be either Type 2 or Type 3, and I was hoping to get the Type 2 version — which I did get.

I have several Type 2 strains, but I think this one may be the best of all of them (however, I still haven’t tried the LBM #11 yet that was in my order). It is so resinous that the buds stick together like play-doh. Effects were almost Type I, but beautfully rounded by the CBD content. Lasted almost four hours!

Legendary OG was the first time I bought outdoor flower from Beleafer, and it lived up to its hype. Great taste that coated the mouth and lingered for a long time after using it. Love the effects, relaxing and therapeutic. I had a brutal training day at the gym and this bud seriously helped my recovery and allowed me to train the next day.

The Cali Cake CBDV is another new one to the Beleafer repertoire, and everyone should give it a shot as a change-up. Like all the others, flavor is incredibly pleasant, but the effects really distinguishes it. In contrast to most CBD, where relaxing and anxiolytic effects are common highlights, CBDV increases alertness and drives focus. Cali Cake is a preferred substitute for coffee during the workday (if you can pull it off in your working situation). No coffee today, and I didn't miss it!

Beleafer receives a lot of accolades and they are well-deserved. Here's to giving Beleafer some more--well done! Will write again when I try that LBM #11.

 by Keith

This latest drop is FIRE! Every strain I tried was an absolute banger. Very impressed with the quality, you can't go wrong with these living soil drops. Props!

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