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 215 reviews
 by Rusty

Amazing quality, helped with anxiety and sleep.

 by Zack
Premium Type 3 Flower

Lemon Fade and Zombie Breath are top notch CBD strains. Lemon Fade's flavor is excellent and reminds me of type 1 flower. Beleafer continues to bring the fire for the CBD flower.

 by Reuben
Incredible flower

This was my first order from beleafer and I could not have been happier. I ordered the Gengar OG, Acai Elixir, Cheddar Nibs and Lemonfade and cannot understate how incredible these strains are. Having been a daily smoker for the best part of two decades and slowly moving away from type 1 flower.. I never imagined I would be able to find something that delivers on this level without the THC dominance I now prefer to avoid. I could not have been more wrong. This is truly some of the best examples of flower I have seen in years. It truly ticks all of the important boxes and more. Flavour is just sensational, offering a very accurate experience true to the site description but with far more complexity and depth than I had honestly expected. It is a connoisseurs dream! They are all extremely unique, yet somehow hold common ground in their perfect mix of old school pungent gassy aromas with more modern and original profiles. For me the Cheddar Nibs stood out as a personal favourite but it is very close competition with the others. Mixing that with the lemonfade is just mouth watering and invokes a welcome nostalgia I hadnt experienced in many years. Totally lived up to the hype and I cant wait to try more from this company. Also worth noting my order arrived to the UK in less than 5 days from confirmation. Amazing work and excellent service!! Thank you Beleafer!

 by Michael
Everything has been amazing

Everything has been amazing. This recent purchase was for indoor flower, and it was absolutely beautiful, wonderful aromas, and as always, great relaxing effects. The cheddar nibs and Gengar OG are the best type 3 flower I've ever had. The previous orders for outdoor flower were also great and an amazing value. Thank you for doing what you do, the care that you take in your product is noticed and appreciated by me.

 by Cody
Great Buds

Super cool to have a large variety of strains on hand, never been able to do that before ordering the high quality buds from this site. Shipping is quick. Thca is cool. Their cbd stuff is also great. Love the thcv stuff too

 by Sam
Mega mac is mega

The freshness and cure of these nuggs is unmatched. Sticky spongy resin monsters. Well balanced feels closer to 1:1 gave me the best sleep I've had in a long time.

 by Alex
Just wow

Had my first delivery arrive and just fucking wow.
Finding CBD flower in the first place has done so so much for me but the UK/European market just isn’t even in the same league.

I’m so glad I’ve found you guys. Uk flower can sometimes smell nice but has zero flavour. I’ve tried every vendor every strain, zero flavour.

Your flowers however! Omg the terps! takes me back to when I could smoke THC flower, and no UK cbd has been able to come close to that.

The buds them selves are just beautiful, they’re all perfect. The smells are insane and the taste comes through lovely and burns perfectly.

Some of the best flower I’ve ever had with over 15 years smoking bud. And you guys clearly work really hard at what you do and have perfected this.

 by Craig
Great buds!

First time ever trying CBD flower. Got the platinum diesel outdoor! Great big purple, sticky nugs! Great relief from smoking maybe .5. Cant wait to try the indoor! Shipping was no problem. Got my nuggets in 5 days 😎

 by Ginny
Just amazing

Thank you for all the hard work you are doing.
Lemon muffinz was the most beautiful and tasty bud I've ever tried. After years of smoking black market stuff and one year of trying lots of CBD buds this was the best thing I've smoked.
Effects were there and the look the smell and taste were out of this world. Amazing.

The fruit sours thcv is a must for me now as is saving me from super uncomfortable period pains and calms my anxiety down.

The fact that you are growing all this with so much care and attention makes me come back to you from across the pond.

My latest shipment was here in less than a week! I couldn't believe it when I found the parcel in my mailbox.

Thank you for providing such a great product and experience!

 by Dan
Legendary Banana MAC #11

Great quick delivery and fair prices, bud still sticky, smell quite nice, pretty strong can feel effects quickly.

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