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 47 reviews
by Ben Smale on Beleafer

Amazing product for amazing value. You guys are awesome for providing people with high quality products at really affordable prices. I only shop with you guys now for my hemp flower and you do a great job of getting my goods to me in the UK in a timely manner!

by CSandman on Beleafer
Great quality products

High quality products with good service and fast shipping. After 1 purchase you’ll see there is no need to order anywhere else.

by Matt D on Beleafer
If i was stuck on an island with just 1 seed type/flower

If i was stuck on an island and could only choose 1 strain out of all the goofy stuff i tried from the 4/20 stuff. It would absolutely hands down be Beleafer - Legendary OG.

Don't let those other growers give you endless excuses on why their product is harsh dookie. This flower is amazing.

It is extremely gassy smelling. Smokes super clean. And tastes just like it smells. This is literally the first product out of 5 vendors that has been a clean smoke......

This guy gets it. Who doesn't love a good throat hit through the tube? Tastes like it smells like it feels!

by Matt D on Beleafer
God damn son

This Legendary OG should be growing wild all over the planet. In the rain gutters, in the fields, on everyones porch, around the pyramids, in alien hydrogallactic setups......

This stuff is friggen amazing. Please grow so much of this you can bring the price down and start selling elbows..... I love it.

Beleafer/Legendary OG is the shit!!!!!

Haha, we love this. Glad you feel the same 🙂

by Stephen on Beleafer
Le Crème CBG review

My first CGB flower. Taste is very light. A memory of citrus, light hemp smell to the flower. The effects were prominently different in terms of mood. I have heard about CBG's properties and found that vaping this flower really does improve your mood. Energy, creativity, and mood all leveled up in this sesh. The flower was trimmed and packed with care. Labled in lovely cursive, even.

by K.Drake on Beleafer
Orange Chem and Sour Lemon Flower

Arrived on time and packaged extremely well. Flower looks and smells amazing, but neither strain had any discernable effect on mood.

by Mike on Beleafer
Loving the legendary OG

Kush of all types is my go to strain. I just love it. I have been wanting to try the legendary OG for quite a while so finally got around to picking up an ounce. It did not disappoint. Nice dense buds, awesome kushy/dank smell and awesome flavor. Beleafer is my go to for Remedy and now Legendary OG will be a regular order as well.

by B. Cully on Beleafer
Very good quality

I am satisfied with your service, products, and delivery for sure. Very good quality. I have lots of CBD flower currently from different growers. Your quality is up in the top!

by jackmormon on Beleafer
Oh my, Remedy

Really enjoyed every flower I have tried from Beleafer. Totally in love with the Remedy. It is like nothing else I have ever tried in terms of effects and flavor. I consider it some of the best cannabis of any kind I have ever had and that is said with 35+years of sampling experience.

Remedy is king of the entourage!

by Lacey on Beleafer

Awesome service. Awesome packing. Smells great and tastes great. It's very good quality,and the coupon/deals that are offered are great!!!! Were happy with our experience ❣

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