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 26 reviews
by Ron Snyder on Beleafer
Legendary OG

This is the best hemp flower ever!! I am a Vietnam Vet who has smoked a lot THC in my time. This Legendary OG has the taste, look, feel, smell and the effect that is right on. I hope you will continue to stock this into the future. You made me a Beleafer our of me for sure. Thanks for such a high class flower.

by Beatriz on Beleafer

Great powdered Kratom and reasonably priced. I've used many vendors and have tried many strains. Beleafer is my go-to vendor nowadays.

by Lindsay B. on Beleafer
Great relief...

The best. Period. I love Dank Elephant for pain and White Hulu for a great mood and clean energy. Everytime I try someone else, I always come back. I also love the cbd for providing a calm relief from daily stress. A great way to end the day. Beleafer has great products which also saves me money as I take less. The quality is always amazing!

by Danielle Betz on Beleafer
CBG Flower/Red Maeng Da

I am not much of a smoker, but I have to tell you, I mixed the 2 strains of flower and that was the best night's sleep I've had in months. I will be ordering again. Anxiety and pain just melted away. Onto the Maeng Da: I am a huge fan of Plantation MD and I didn't think it could get better than that, until I tried the Red. It's like a warm banket that slips over you. I am beginning to experience issues with my foot at work, making each step a nightmare. Enter the Red MD. It literally disappeared. Thank you, Beleafer! The customer service is wonderful, too!

by Andrew G. on Beleafer
Highest quality and excellent customer service!

I have used Kratom on an off for almost 10 years. It can be a struggle to find quality Kratom at reasonable prices. Beleafer offers the highest quality kratom I have ever tried (and I’ve tried a LOT!) The prices are unbeatable for the kratom of this quality and just very reasonably priced overall. The customer service is quick, helpful and friendly. I would and will recommend beleafer to anybody interested in kratom for any purpose. My last go-to vendor was Happy Hippo and before I tried beleafer, I had doubts it could compete with the quality of Happy Hippo, judging from the price difference. But I stand corrected. Beleafer kratom is significantly higher in quality and lower in price. I’m very satisfied with beleafer and I am sure anybody who gives their business a chance will agree.

by Shianne on Beleafer
Best I've Tried

After using Kratom for a little over a year for chronic pain and anxiety and experimenting with various vendors, I found Beleafer through the recommendation of a friend. Ever since, they have become the only place I've used in the last year. Hands down, they are the best I've tried! My first time trying them was like the first time trying Kratom again. The strength, purity, price, and customer service are second to none! They've had nothing but rave reviews in the social media groups I belong, and for excellent reasons. They will always will be my go-to vendor!

by Matt on Beleafer
First Kratom

I wanted to try some kratom to help with the chronic pain in my wrist. I tried it after a couple hours of yard work and it did the trick. Took 2g with some orange juice and started feeling the effects in 15 minutes. I did not have any issues with my wrist for the rest of the day. I don't need kratom every day but for when my wrists really hurt I know I will be buying from Beleafer again when I run out.

by Alex passingham on Beleafer
Fast shipping / great product and service

Less then a week from ordering received my product. They sent me a sample of cbg flower I'm excited to try also. I ordered white kratom and red and cbd flower. Product is great quality. I will be ordering more products to try

by Kerry B. on Beleafer
Amazing Kratom Tea

I started using kratom about 3 years ago and I found some good vendors with good tea, so-so tea, and bad tea. When I finaly decided to try Beleafer Tea I was blown away at the quality of the tea, the fresh taste of the tea, how well it worked on my pain, and how it gave me usable energy. The red teas that I used help me relax and aided me in getting quality sleep. The Green Serene quickly became my go to tea for stress and pain in the afternoon. Before trying Beleafer Teas I was starting to get frustrated with some of the quality of teas I was getting. However, Beleafer Tea restored my confidence in good quality tea, with great, informed, professional, and personal customer service. My go to tea will always be Beleafer Tea.

by Aaron on Beleafer
The best of the best.

Hands down, bar none Beleafer is the best. I have tried many other vendors, including concentrates, and even those MIT45 shots, and Beleafer’s leaf blows everything out of the water. Beleafer has changed my life for the better. Every strain they carry does *exactly* what it’s supposed to. I’ve tried many different strains for reasons ranging from pain relief, energy, pre-workout, anxiety/depression relief and sleep aid, I have *never* once been disappointed. I have ***never*** gotten a bad batch. And the price is right. Its simply the best of the best. Beleafer has enhanced my life. I can’t thank them enough.

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