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by Johhny Bugger on Beleafer
Beautiful nugs at an amazing price.

I recently put in my first every order for CBD weed and it was with Beleafer.
As someone who smokes a decent amount of THC weed most days. I wasn't rushing to pick up any CBD but when I stumbled onto Beleafer I knew I had to grab some. Very very glad I did. This will definitely become a daily smoke for as long as i have hemp on hand. Order to the UK and the shipping took around 10 days with updates through tracking all the time. My order was for an oz sampler of Legendary OG, Abacus Diesel, Sour Blueberry Kush & Double lime. Every single one is tasting, smelling and smoking amazing. As someone who smokes most joints with tobacco in them the hemp flower is incredibly smooth on there own and a beautiful smoke. Already put another order in for an indoor oz sample of Pink Panther, Cat's Meow, Abacus & T1 and another oz of sour blueberry because at $45 an oz (not including the 20% code running at the moment) i would be wasting money not getting more. Amazing stuff guys, can't wait to see what you have coming for the future.

by Anthony H on Beleafer
Beautiful Pungent Buds

I ordered the indoor sample pack, I got T-1, Abacus, Pink panther, and cats meow. All of them smell unique and strong, definitely not your average hemp smell or look. All these strains look and smell top shelf and are definitely buds that will impress on these factors alone. You can not compare these buds to any other company.

by Ricardo on Beleafer
Sticking with beleafer!

Excellent service with greeat products! I have only made two orders from them after trying out several places here in Canada and some in the US and beleafer has great prices and very good quality!
Thank you guys

by Mykros on Beleafer

I am so impressed and am a full beleafer!
I have ordered from various websites but beleafer is by far the best. I love every strain that I have tried and I don’t have to wait long for it to be delivered. Great prices and great product.
I have been looking for this sort of product for a long time. Beleafer product is fully satisfying and enjoyable.
My favorite indoor is Strawberry Cake with T1 in a close second. My favorite outdoor is Purple Emperor with Sour Blueberry Kush in a close second. Order some, smoke some, and enjoy some. Life is good and Beleafer makes it all the better. 😊

by Chris on Beleafer
Quality hemp at an affordable price!

It's hard to be disappointed by any of the strains Beleafer have to offer, I've tried a bunch and they've all been pretty damn good - the cure and quality of effects are pretty consistent. I can highly recommend the indoor Abacus and T1!

by chris on Beleafer

I have been very impressed with this company, their flowers are amazing!! never been disappointed and always fast delivery to the UK.

Price is very good and well worth the risk ordering to the UK. I have ordered many times and have received every order in less than 2 weeks.

by bubba on Beleafer

complete waste of money and time. looks and sounds great but i never recieved anything,just a loss of money.
was offered 30% of my next order but not wasting more money on here.
my Rating is 0*
waited 5-6 weeks

This order was placed on 3/23 and was subsequently shipped on 3/24 (USPS tracking no: LZ216331694US). The last scan shown was it being processed through the UK on 3/31. Referring our publicly posted international shipping policy, we are unable to guarantee international delivery & order are placed at buyers own risk. See both FAQ and Terms & Conditions pages - both explicitly dictate this policy. The customer reached out on 4/13 to express distaste about the transit time of the package. We apologized on behalf of the performance of the postal service & completely empathize with the situation and offered a 30% coupon code to replace the goods, this review proceeds this offer. We cannot guarantee international mail. We can ship the goods, but there are so many forces outside of our control in the chain of international shipping. Despite this public policy, this customers is adamant about this review being posted on the site. Herein lies the circumstances. The tracking history reflects we promptly shipped the package.

by Dj Burch on Beleafer
Double lime and sour blueberry

What can i say simply amazing product. This is the cbd ive been searching for as an gower my self and an avide knf organic grower. I hvae been serousky disapointed by all cbd vendors till i found beleafer. And now im a beleafer! It has those strong, smooth and extremely strong terpenes i have o ly ever found in true knf organic flower. It truly lives up to the descriptions. I wont go any where else from now one. And as an added bonus i have got some quality seeds from bolth strains and even 1 seed feom my sample gram of abacus desial. I been wanting to grow some pure cbd flower. But oure cbd seeds are expensive, so i really cant be happier to have this amazing statins i get to grow in the near future that are guaranteed to be pure cbd so to the parents being pure. I cant wait to see the phenos i get and im hopong they are crosses and i get some new and amazing strains to play with. As an x medical patient who no long can ise thc do to it now effecting in a nagitve fashion. This is a true blessing. I lobe cbd it is all the positives and health benefits with out any nagitves. Any one who thinks cbd is worthless. They are just simply looking fo the "high". Dont use thc for a week or a month and try cbd and you will see the difference. Its night in day. The double lime is a perfect day time strian with out being to stimulateing. Pure Sativas are usally to much for me this is perfect. And the sour blueberry is perfect for relaxing and de stressing and helps with sleep tremendously. These guys right here are the bees knee's!!

by Allez on Beleafer
Best of the best

Hands down the best CBD flower I’ve tried ever.
Had flower from plenty other places but nothing comes close to these guys.
Beautiful flower, smells amazing, tastes amazing. I recommend the Abacus indoor. Got a sample of t1 which blew my head off too


by Dominic on Beleafer
I beleaf

If you're having hemp problems i feel bad for you son i got 99 problems and beleafer ain't one! Just put in my 4th order with beleafer. The previous 2 orders were for Remedy outdoor, limey piney earthy all day smoke. Magik Bullet, cant big this up enough best outdoor i have tried so far, sticky dense buds with sweet creamy kush notes and quite potent indica chill effects, perfect night time strain. And last but not least Bubba Kush indoor 2, this strain really surprised me because of how close it was to THC bud in terms of smell, taste and effects. sweet fruity candy notes with no hempy taste or smell at all and perfectly potent indica relaxation qualities. if this strain is a sign of things to come then i am buzzed to see and smoke what comes next.
one love fellow beleafer's i hope you're enjoying this journey as much as i am.

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