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 by Troy
Full Spectrum CBD Oil

I have been purchasing flower from Beleafer for a couple years now. The flower is top notch. I love the effects and will continue to buy the flower for recreational use. I finally decided to try Beleafer's full spectrum CBD oil due to sleep and stomach issues to see if it would help. It was the best decision I've made in a long time. I've been sleeping through the night, and my stomach issues have improved. I am beginning to feel good again for the first time in a long time. It is truly a medicine. I am so grateful I finally tried it. I highly recommend giving it a shot if you are experiencing similar issues. I hope that Beleafer continues to make this product forever.

 by Todd
Bubba funk

I was going to order the Lemon Octane on a recent order but they were out and was recommended the Bubba Funk. Man! Absolute fire! High quality flower. On top of that, the customer service from Beleafer is always on point. I have not ordered my hemp flower elsewhere in quite some time and do not plan to. Beleafer is my go to vendor. Side note, the Mystery Kush is also banging.

 by Leon
A company you can trust

Excellent produce,
Order processed promptly,
Fast delivery to UK,
Great customer service,
Altogether a good experience, from first viewing their website to enjoying my purchase.
Nice one Beleafer!

 by Paul A
Better than expected

I'm a Briton who has purchased from many British sites and a few American ones as well. Beleafer stands out as the best in quality and Service.

 by Denise
Just Wow

Ok, so I have tried the Lemon Ocatane, Bubba Funk, and Bubba 59 and loved those so much but this time I added in the Bubba Kush and oh my goodness, it is just wow! So good! I have so much trouble with pain and sleeping and this one was absolutely amazing! For me, everything from Beleafer is the best!

 by Marion
Been consistent with Beleafer in my CBD happiness!

Listen, ever since I started my CBD journey, I have been looking for a go to CBD store online. Beleafer has never disappointed me when it comes to quality and price. I am a fiend when it comes to Bubba Kush and OZ Kush. I have been on this website too many times than any hemp company. I also think I should be a spokesperson for Beleafer for how many people I have shown this website, especially the ones who really want to get into the CBD game. Thank you Beleafer for helping my sense of relaxation in life!

 by Jim
Simply The Best

I can’t say enough about how good Beleafer is! I always order Sour Blueberry Kush, and the price is great, it is shipped quickly, and the quality is outstanding. I’ve tried hemp flower from other vendors, and Beleafer is far and away the best. Thank you Beleafer.

 by M.M.
Chocoberry OG

LOVE this strain! This is my go to strain for ride to work. The effects are uplifting and europhic. She vapes beautifully. Thick white clouds, very smooth. No throat grab and no coughing. Very enjoyable vape. This is a for sure strain you need to try if you haven't already

 by Dan MacDonald
Honest appreciation

just wanted to reach out today out of nothing but appreciation. I’ve been taking kratom for 4 years and I’ve tried a lot of the known brands and a lot of lesser known brands as well. Until I got my package from you guys a few days ago I honestly forgot what it was like to actually feel the kratom so strongly. I basically excepted that the effects were diminished but the benefits were still there. From what I’ve tried so far beleafer really has it going on. I drink my kratom shot in OJ and it’s been a very long time since I tasted that fresh chlorophyll/bitterness at the end of the shot going down. Anyway, thank you very much for what you do and I will most certainly be ordering again very soon. I like to stay stocked up! Oh and while we’re on the subject of ordering, I’d like to also thank you for not price gouging despite having such good product. Some of the prices out there are nuts. Anyway, have a great day and I look forward to my next order.

 by FW
Now I'm A Beleafer

First time here and it won't be the last! This is the most palatable oil I have tried so far 10/10 for flavour and effects. Bubba Funk outdoor brings in the funk with a dank beat. Dense nugs, calming effects and a very impressive flavour in the vape. Some reviews I've seen favour bubba sour over the funk so it was a nice surprise when the flavour hit. Thanks to everyone at Beleafer for all your hard work, commitment and passion. Looking forward to

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