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 63 reviews
by Corey on Beleafer
Dank hemp Shipped to uk

Quality and price bang on order 1 oz of orange chem
And 1oz of limeade both smalls but the buds definately werent small with some 2 gram nugs fantastic value a lot cheaper than prices in uk with a gram being around 13 dollars or 10 pound for this quality, was a bit sketched about airport customs but no problems ,keep up the good work

by Jacob on Beleafer
Happy UK customer

Fantastic bombastic!

First of all 7 day delivery to the UK which I thought was amazing considering it can take a week for things to get to me from the UK to UK as it is!

Legendary og was a good choice. People rave about it on reddit. Best cbd flower if had easily and very very affordable compared to UK prices.

You can count on me returning for more. Perhaps a different strain... Or two.

by arron griffiths on Beleafer
5 star product

Order arrived fast, packaged in smell proof bags. Had the limeade which tastes just like limeade who would of thought lol, calmed my mind and reduced anxiety couldn't recommend more. Got some cascade but havent used up limeade yet but very excited to try it. Price and quality unbeaten when compared to uk.

by Zlatan on Beleafer
Absolutely amazing

Did my first order last month, and got to say I'm absolutely mindblown. Took a couple of weeks to arrive to UK, but I'm very pleased with the quality and the price. In UK we can only hope to get our own Beleafer one day...until then, you got a loyal customer!

by Jerome James on Beleafer
Happy Old Guy!

Hey guys! Sorry it's taken a minute to respond. I absolutely wanted to let you all know how happy I was with my purchase. I'll keep it short, so here goes. I recently turned 50, and being a newbie to the advancements in CBD and the like,I looked into it for the simple fact that, I DONT SMOKE WEED! Not that I don't want to, I just never enjoyed where it took me. I mean, I love the taste, the smell, the smoking process, but after that first ten minutes, I'd get waaaay too introspective, and the next few hours were me isolating, and really beating myself up about the most minor things. Thru the years I tried again here and there, but always the same result so ive spent the last however many years not smoking. Fast forward to 2020 when I'm adult (or trying my best to be), job, wife, responsibilities, I started looking into CBD flower. I decided to give it a shot. Looking at websites I found a great deal of info and products. I was going to spend more than I wanted to, that is until I found a review on reddit that the person posting mentioned Beleafer, and talked about how they were cool people and weren't out to take your life savings for a substandard product and he was right. So I bought an ounce of the Remedy flower. From that first taste I recalled how much I enjoyed everything but that "stoned to the bejeezus belts" aspect. The flowers were large, well manicured, and packaged very well. And the effects were everything I loved a bout smoking and ZERO of the thing I hated. I noticed aches and pains vanishing, anxieties fading away, and a mood boost that lasted the next 3-4 hours. I can't say enough positive things about this product, and would advise anyone who that, like myself, doesn't like being stoned to give it a try. The variety of products and the prices are amazing. I smoke an hour or so before bed and drifting off is easier than ever. And for people thinking that without thc, what's the use, this product provides a relaxing, mellow, and chill buzz for sure. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

So, thanks guys for making a great product with integrity and great quality. I feel like I'm doing business with an honest company which is a good feeling. I'll be ordering more soon.

Thank you again!

by Jam on Beleafer
Fantastic service, fast delivery and the best quality hemp.

I'm an overseas first time customer, I ordered around 2-3 months ago and it took around 10-14 days to arrive which was perfectly fine considering the current situation in the world.
The quality of the hemp is the best I've consumed so far. I'm trying to switch from thc to cbd over time and its helping greatly. I'll be ordering more soon, thank you team Beleafer!

Much love & stay safe !

by From UK on Beleafer
Great vendor and service

A credit to the hemp industry!

by Cms on Beleafer
Leaf powder

This by far the best leaf powder available. After one purchase you’ll never waste money on commercial brands at smoke shops again. Great service and shipping is always within 3-5 business days to your front door. Comes in a discreet envelope and sealed well. Haven’t been disappointed in last 6 months of purchasing.

by Linus on Beleafer
Shock and Awe

Shocking in the best sense! First-time user, I was 1000% surprised at the quality of the two different teas I purchased and the ease and speed for an international order.

by Juan m on Beleafer
simply Awesome!

hi Beleafer,

i want to let you and everyone know that im really enjoying all cbd,cbg the flower products Beleafer has to offer. my favorite Legendary og and white, are of great quality,decent portions and super fast shipping , medium price amount awesome. i have a bad pain and anxiety and sever depression. Beleafer products help me greatly. i have been telling everyone i know about your great company. thanking you in advance, have a awesome week and keep up the great work.

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