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Cannabinoids, such as CBD and a slew of others, are most effective when they are enjoyed in the presence of one another; they amplify and synergize with one another. The most underacknowledged reality of the CBD oil market is that it’s not about how much CBD you are consuming, it about how many different cannabinoids you are consuming. This product contains organic hemp flowers extracted into organic extra virgin olive oil and organic sunflower lecithin, which increases bioavailability (absorption efficiency) of cannabinoids. Within the oil can be found CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa, CBC, and a trace, legal amount of THC. The most popular hemp derived compound is simply CBD, but this plant has some much more to offer! In nature, the plant produces the acidic form of cannabinoids (CBDa, CBGa, CBCa, THCa, etc.), but through the process of adding heat, we can convert these cannabinoids to their neutral forms (CBD, CBG, CBC, THC). The most beautiful part of doing so is that the acid for and neutral form of a given cannabinoid can have totally unique effects and properties. Without going into too much detail, through the process of semi-decarboxylation, we can convert part of each cannabinoid into it’s a unique cannabinoid, thus diversifying the cannabinoid profile and providing a more effective experience. Just as THC is psychoactive and THCa is not, CBDa and CBD perform unique functions. Did you know that CBDa is 1000x more effective at agonizing (stimulating) the serotonin receptor responsible for relief of anxiety and nausea! So why do most CBD oils just contain CBD? We honestly don’t know!

This recipe goes way back in our family, we have been producing this oil exactly this way for our family and friends for years now. The feedback we have received from family and friends over this time has been overwhelmingly positive. Each family member and friend who has tried it continues to use it religiously and is purely elated by how much more effective it is than what they’ve been using – even in smaller doses; but that’s just it, this isn’t really just CBD suspended in oil, its a full spectrum cannabinoid oil derived straight from naturally wholesome flowers. We do not use any cannabinoid distillates or isolates. There really is no secret ingredient to our recipe, the diversity of cannabinoids is responsible for how well it works. If you’re interested in a higher magnitude of relief from hemp in oral or topical form, toss aside any preconceived notions about what CBD oil is supposed to be and approach this product with an open mind. Nature does it better than man ever could. Follow in her footsteps for best results.

This product comes in a 30 ml bottle and a 60 ml bottle. Each dropper contains approximately 10 mg of total cannabinoids, approximately 9 mg of which are CBD and CBDa. The starting dosage size is one dropper, add more gradually as you see fit.

Cannabinoid profile: 30 ml bottle (494 mg cannabinoids)

CBD: 240.8 mg
CBDa: 181.0 mg
CBC: 26.1 mg
CBG: 22.1 mg
CBGa: 10.9 mg
THC: 13.2 mg (<0.3% by weight)

Cannabinoid profile: 60 ml bottle (988 mg total cannabinoids)

CBD: 481.6 mg
CBDa: 362.0 mg
CBC: 52.2 mg
CBG: 44.2 mg
CBGa: 21.8 mg
THC: 26.4 mg (<0.3% by weight)


Ingredients: organic hemp flowers, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic sunflower lecithin


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