Garlic Gooey (indoor)


Garlic Gooey (Legendary Banana MAC #22) – also known as Dream Cream – in our humble opinion takes the cake for both best bag appeal and most enticing aroma and flavor profile among the many type 3 selections made from Legendary OG x Banana MAC). The bag appeal is exquisite, with iced out flowers with purple hues, and with a terpene profile which is a very complex mix of deep & dank gas, dominated by a smooth & creamy chocolate and banana aroma, all with subtle undertones of sharp garlic. She’s incredibly resinous as well, producing a heavy smoke, lending to deep relaxation of mind & body. She’s a superstar all around. This flower is sensimilla and was cultivated organically from clone, meaning the flower traits are consistent across the batch.

Cultivation setting: indoor x organic living soil
Effect: heavy
indica-dominant hybrid
Aroma: dank gas, cream, chocolate, banana, garlic
Total cannabinoids: 17.25%
CBD: 15.66%
CBG: 0.12%
CBC: 0.74%

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