Gengar OG (indoor)


Gengar OG (Dessertz x Legendary OG) is deep, dark, and dank in every way. Her flowers are deep purple and rock dense, and her entire morphology shouts pure indica genetics, from her leaf structure to her physical structure, in every way. Despite the fact that she’s short and stout, she’s built as robustly as a small tree. Her effects are super heavy, and her flavor is equally intense. You can definitely smell the Girl Scout Cookies ancestory from the Dessertz lineage. To compliment the aforementioned sweet dessert terps, she also emits a putrid and dank kush funk. She’s incredibly unique, and as lovers of heavy indicas, she’s our current fav! This clone was selected as the best plant from a 1000 seed pheno hunt, from seeds collected from the batch of Legendary OG that started our obsession – Legendary OG 2019 outdoor. Her effects are heavy as hemp comes, so enjoy her in the evening, or any time, for a potent anxiolytic and physically soothing effect. If you love Gengar OG as much as we do, you’ll be stoked to know that she’s about to be crossed all of our best clones, and we are really hoping these seeds will be ready in time for the 2024 outdoor growing season! Please note, we aren’t 100% certain Dessertz is the pollen donor, as this cannot be confirmed, but based on the terpenes, we very strongly suspect the pollen donor was Dessertz. This flower is sensimilla and was cultivated organically from clone, meaning the flower traits are consistent across the batch.

Cultivation setting: indoor x organic living soil
Effect: heavy
Aroma: dark chocolate, sweet cookies, kush funk
Total cannabinoids: 18.08%
CBD: 15.13%
CBG: 1.18%
CBC: 1.04%

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