Legendary Crush CBDV (greenhouse)


Legendary Crush CBDV is greenhouse grown and offers a complex terpene profile somewhere between gassy, tropical fruit & orange Starburst, with notes of vanilla. With purple hues and deep amber trichomes, her beauty is undeniable, and the tropical fruit flavor: delicious. The effects are as heady and stimulating as any hemp we’ve ever experienced – an exceptional choice if you’re in search of energy & a creative boost. The CBDV definitely shines on this one. The ratio of CBD:CBDV is approximately 10:1. This flower is sensimilla and was cultivated organically.

Full disclosure: a portion of the larger flower were partially crushed under the weight of the others, so it is slightly price reduced as a result. This of course changes nothing except appearance. In terms of quality per dollar, this is up there with the best, this is undoubtedly indoor quality flower, offered at a greenhouse price.

Cultivation setting: greenhouse x organic native soil
Effect: heady
Aroma: tropical fruit, gas, candy, vanilla
Total cannabinoids: 23.20%
CBD: 19.40%
CBG: 0.53%
CBDV: 2.17%
CBC: 0.60%
d9-THC: <LOQ

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