Legendary OG


Legendary OG is a heavy hitting strain we grow every year, as it’s the gift that keeps on giving. It’s robust traits have been permanently engrained in many modern hemp genetics. It’s many different phenotypes range from aromas of lemon, to vanilla, to chocolate kushiness. This staple is notoriously on the heavy end of the effects spectrum, making it something we never stop reaching for when it’s time to unwind and rest mind & body. We grow it year after year from seed, and it always seems to turn up something new and exquisite. Her flowers touch on everything from deep purple, to light green, and everything in between. This flower is sensimilla and was cultivated organically and harvested in Fall 2023. Furthermore, this flower was grown from seed, meaning many phenotypes exist among the batch.

Cultivation setting: outdoor x organic native soil
Effect: heavy
indica-dominant hybrid
Aroma: dark chocolate, lemon, vanilla, kush
Total cannabinoids: 18.38%
CBD: 16.61%
CBG: 0.39%
CBC: 0.81%
d9-THC: 0.11%

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