Zombie Breath (indoor)


Zombie Breath (Legendary OG x OZ Kush) is our favorite selection from the Legenday OZ pheno hunt we did in 2023, where three total clones were selected. Her very light green flowers are covered in a metallic hue of purple, and white trichomes, similar to CBG crosses. She’s resinous & dank, and produces some of the most beautiful flower’s we’ve found to date. The aroma is dominated by gas & piney cleaning chemical, with undertones of cream, lemon, and garlic. The effects fall robustly into hybrid territory making it a suitable toke for any time. Please note, this particular batch (one time only) is made up mostly of Zombie Breath. It’s approximately 70% Zombie Breath (LOZ 3), and 15% of each LOZ #1 (purple pheno) & LOZ #2 (purple pheno). Instead of tossing perfectly awesome clones out, we ran them together just one last time. Our first batch of Legendary OZ was very well received, and these three clones were the standouts from that batch. All were selected for their top notch bag appeal. The aroma for LOZ #2 & #3 leans toward Legendary OG with a  cream & chocolate aroma with garlic undertones, whereas Zombie Breath leans heavily into the OZ Kush, who’s visual characteristics she assumes as well. As always, a random sample of the entire batch will be selected to fill each order. Future batches will consist of Zombie Breath only. This flower is sensimilla and was cultivated organically from three different clones, meaning flower traits vary across the batch.


Cultivation setting: indoor x organic living soil
Effect: hybrid
indica-dominant hybrid
Aroma: gas, pine-sol, cream, lemon, garlic
Total cannabinoids: 18.10%
CBD: 17.14%
CBG: 0.07%
CBC: 0.511%

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