Garlic Jam CBDV


Garlic Jam, a CBDV rich variety related to Legendary OG, is reminiscent of cinnamon sugar cookies, with faint undertones of sweetened garlic. Effects lean towards slightly heady, and with potent anxiolytic properties. This flower is contains approximately 1:1 CBD:CBDV and 2.5% total terpenes. This flower was cultivated organically and harvested in Fall 2022.

Note: On average, this flower does contain a small amount of seeds, most of which are removed before sale. Seeding is not a homogenous phenomenon, so variability exists. Furthermore, while this flower is a quality smoke, it is beginning to show it’s age visually. The aroma, flavor, stickiness, and effects are still well intact. For this reason, this strain is significantly price reduced.

Cultivation setting: outdoor x organic native soil
Effect: heady-hybrid
Aroma: sugar cookie, cinnamon, garlic
Total cannabinoids: 18.57%
CBD: 9.2%
CBG: 0.71%
CBDV: 7.27%
CBC: 0.47%
d9-THC: <LOQ

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