Pineapple Jam CBDV


Pineapple Jam, a CBDV rich variety related to Legendary OG, smells like chocolatey goodness with undertones of sour fruit. Similar to Legendary OG, we find this to be a heavy smoke with potent relaxant effects. This flower is contains approximately 10:1 CBD:CBDV and 2.7% total terpenes. This flower was cultivated organically and harvested in Fall 2022.

Note: On average, this flower does contain a small amount of seeds, most of which are removed before sale. Seeding is not a homogenous phenomenon, so variability exists. Furthermore, while this flower is a quality smoke, it is beginning to show it’s age visually. The aroma, flavor, stickiness, and effects are still well intact. For this reason, this strain is price reduced.

Cultivation setting: outdoor x organic native soil
Effect: heavy
Aroma: chocolate, kush, sour fruit
Total cannabinoids: 24.05%
CBD: 19.63%
CBG: 0.83%
CBDV: 1.73%
CBC: 0.85%
d9-THC: <LOQ

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